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Don’t Break Up the Extraordinary Event Ordinance, Repeal It; When everything and nothing is extraordinary, editorial column Creative Loafing, March 2017

Refuse to be ignored: A civics lesson in speaking outeditorial column, Creative Loafing, February 2017

CMS to Consider Adopting Renewable Energy Transition as PolicyCreative Loafing, January 2017

Charlotte School of Law is not doing itself any favors How a prestigious law school became ‘hair chili’, Creative Loafing, January 2017

Q&A: How nuclear fits in North Carolina’s energy future, Southeast Energy News, January 2017

In North Carolina, solar boom extending to schoolsSoutheast Energy News, January 2017

Charlotte magazine

The Return of Hooch in North Carolina, March 2016

Forever Local?, October 2012

Occupy Charlotte: Us Versus IApril 2012

Yoforia: The Big ChillNovember 2011

This Land, August 2011

Bully at the Pulpit, May 2011

ReVenture Under Review, February 2011

Taking Care of Ellen, July 2010

New Rules for Coal Ash Ponds, March 2010

One Man and a River, February 2010 (This profile won a 2011 Gold Gamma Award.)

Charlotte Viewpoint

Mitchell keeps ‘community’ in community gardenAugust 2011

Greenpeace in Charlotte: An Interview with Monica EmbreyJuly 2011


“No Matter What,” a poem for We’Moon 2012.

Introduction to chapter nine of Jorden Rosenfeld’s “Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life

Creative Loafing

What happened to coming together?, editorial columnCreative Loafing, December 2016

Local government: the new pride and prejudice, editorial columnCreative Loafing, December 2016

New retail café in NoDa asks that you relax, Creative Loafing, December 2016

Ethics case leaves questions unanswered about McCrory’s meeting with Duke, October 2016

It’s up to you to enforce coal ash regulations, October 2015

Some candidates feel it’s ‘affiliate or die’, September 2015

Charlotte is ground-zero for coal ash, April 2014 (This article received an honorable mention from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia Network in July 2015.)

Host City for sale: Did Uptown boosters sell a sanitized Charlotte to the DNC?, cover story, April 2012

Why I chose to cover Occupy Charlotte from the inside out (Op-ed), January 2012

Occupy Charlotte charges onward amid a movement facing big challengesNovember 2011

Government oversight remains ‘grossly inadequate’ in coal-ash waste controlcover story, September 2011

Is coal ash poisoning Charlotte-area drinking water?, cover story, September 2010

Confusion and Fear in North Carolina as State Ends Drinking Water Safety Warning, March 2016

EPA Coal Ash Regulations Take Effect, but the Battle ContinuesOctober 2015

North Carolina Settles With Duke Energy Over Coal Ash Groundwater Contamination, Ratepayers May Shoulder CostsOctober 2015


Dangers of Coal Ash Gets Much-Needed National Media Attention, October 2014

Time to Hold Duke Energy Accountable for Dangerous Coal Ash Impoundments to Prevent Next SpillFebruary 2014

Huffington Post

Democratic National Convention Host Charlotte: Anti-Union Rules, Packed Shelters, Food Deserts, April 2012

Democratic National Convention Host Charlotte Proposes Law Aimed At Banning Occupy Encampments, December 2011

Lake Norman Magazine (a Charlotte Observer publication)

Chefs in Training, May 2012

Historic Charm, February 2012

Rhiannon covered the month-long, locally famous Jinwright tax evasion trial for April-May 2010.

Seattle Weekly

Oil Train Meetings Lacked an Important Voice, October 2014

Tempers Cool for Second Meeting About Mountain Bike Trail at the Cheasty GreenspaceOctober 2014

A Proposed Mountain Bike Trail Has Neighbors Lobbing Threats and Calling the Cops, October 2014

Climate change: Taking action and finding hope as a family, SheKnows, December 2016

Snow day craft idea: Make pinecone bird treats with your kids, January 2017

Skirt! Magazine

Essay: Change of Plans, May 2008

Southeast Energy News

Federal water bill includes changes for coal ash regulation, Southeast Energy News, December 2016

North Carolina committee pushes for re-evaluation of solar policies, Southeast Energy News, December 2016

Under new governor, what’s next for energy in North Carolina?, Southeast Energy News, December 2016

Q&A: How North Carolina co-ops help drive the energy future, Southeast Energy News, November 2016

Dispute over water standards delays vote on North Carolina coal ash rules, Southeast Energy News, November 2016

How North Carolina law could make it harder to recycle coal ash, Southeast Energy News, November 2016

Ethics case leaves unanswered questions over North Carolina governor’s meeting with Duke Energy, Southeast Energy News, October 2016 (This piece was republished in Creative Loafing.)

Q&A: An improved tool for watchdogging coal ash in the Southeast, Southeast Energy News, October 2016

Federal loans helping North Carolina co-ops strengthen their communities, September 2016

While on track to comply, North Carolina continues fighting Clean Power Plan, September 2016

North Carolina releases plan to comply ywith EPA coal ash regulationsSeptember 2016

For closing North Carolina’s coal ash ponds, one size doesn’t fit allAugust 2016

North Carolina’s ‘leadership’ on coal ash pales compared to its neighborJuly 2016

Is North Carolina reaching ‘peak solar’? Not so fast, say advocatesJuly 2016

North Carolina Lawmakers sit on bill that would resolve solar disputeJune 2016

Community Solar Benefiting Co-Op Members in North CarolinaJune 2016

In North Carolina legislature, some energy bills still languishJune 2016

With federal help, rural co-ops tackling energy efficiencyJune 2016

North Carolina legislature reforms coal ash commission despite veto threat, June 2016

Could North Carolina’s coal ash bill prove fatal to the state’s citizen commissions?, June 2016

WFAE, an NPR affiliate

“Charlotte Talks” “Coal Ash Update.” October 2015

“Charlotte Talks” discussion on Occupy Charlotte. November 2011

“Charlotte Talks” discussion on the Jinwrights’ rise and fall, “Deceit in a House of God.” May 2011

“Charlotte Talks” discussion on Charlotte’s unlined, high-hazard coal ash ponds. September 2010

Report from the U.S. Federal Courthouse parking lot on the Jinwright tax-evasion trial. April 2010

Note: These lists — above and below — are partial lists of  published clips authored by Rhiannon Fionn. The below list of stories may be of interest to those following the coal ash story, though they are no longer available online. If you would like to review a copy of any of these articles, let me know.

Carolina Weekly Newspapers

From coal ash to concrete – scientists find new ways to use waste, November 20, 2009

Questions remain about groundwater at Riverbend, October 23, 2009

Riverbend turns 80 this month, October 23, 2009

‘I don’t tag myself as an environmentalist, I tag myself as a water drinker’, October 2, 2009

Water: from lake to faucet, August 21, 2009

Riverkeeper: Coal Ash regulation is good, but not enough, July 31, 2009